About Johnson & Associates Insurance

Johnson & Associates Insurance is located in Santa Barbara, Ca.

Jeff Oshins is a licensed and trained Independent Agent, certified with top Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement & Prescription Drug plan carriers.

He is a certified agent for Covered California. As a licensed agent, he can actively assist individuals, families, and small businesses in California navigate the complexities of  the Affordable Care Act.

History of Johnson & Associates

Johnson Associates with offices in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Santa Barbara is a national firm specializing in grant writing and social program development, expanded into healthcare because of the belief in the need for national healthcare reform.

The principal in the firm is Joe Johnson, the former Secretary of Health of New Mexico.

Jeff Oshins, a partner in the firm, is located in Santa Barbara. He is the author of a nationally recognized website detailing the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in all 50 states and DC.

Jeff has a deep background working with under-served populations on the Central Coast. He has worked with over 28 communities and non-profits around the country and written over $18 million in grants for social service programs.


“I like that it doesn’t cost any of the folks I help anything for me to enroll them in Obamacare or to help them with my Medicare expertice,” Jeff said. “I’ve found that while there are plenty of insurance agents and navigators out there helping people, there is still lots of people who need help.”

Jeff is also a novelist and musician whose family has lived in California since the 1800’s.

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